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If Integrated Properly, the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Scott Spiro on Thursday, 23 April 2015

The cloud offers modern businesses ways to store and run applications that couldn’t even have been imagined several years ago. While some companies have decided to go with the flow and take advantage of cloud computing, others might find that their cloud services aren’t meeting the standards set upon them. What can they do about this?

When it’s executed properly, cloud computing can be a fantastic addition to your business model. The cloud gives your team members the ability to access mission-critical information and applications from any approved device, and can allow for a more productive and flexible work environment. However, some businesses expect these results without thinking carefully before integrating their solution into their business model. David Linthicum of InfoWorld discusses some commonly seen problems associated with cloud computing.

Does Your Business Have the Right Cloud Solution?

Just like any other business out there, yours is much different from the others. You have your own unique niche in the industry, and you leverage that to your advantage. As such, there are plenty of different cloud solutions out there, all designed to cater to the many different needs of various businesses like yours. Therefore, the logical place to start troubleshooting your cloud choice is to wonder whether or not you have the right solution that fits your business’s needs.

As technology professionals, Computer Solutions Group knows how to diagnose and resolve problems with IT; including your cloud infrastructure. We can help you identify whether or not you need to change your cloud provider, and what steps you should take to fix any issues.

Does Your Cloud Comply with Security Protocol?

When it comes to the cloud, business owners seem to be divided when it comes to security. They either expect it to be failsafe, or they expect it to be insecure. Naturally, these are both dangerous assumptions. If you don’t use a cloud, you miss out on the rewards it brings; yet, if your security and protocol compliance is lackluster, you have so much more to lose.

With the professionals at Computer Solutions Group on your side, you’ll gain access to skilled and knowledgeable cloud specialists that can secure your cloud data. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge in compliance regulations, which can make all of the difference when it comes to securing your network.

What About Your Staff?

Your employees will be consistently using the cloud to access vital data, so it’s natural that they know how to use it and what kind of regulations they must follow. If it’s not made clear how to use this infrastructure, they’ll waste valuable time trying to figure it out for themselves.

Thankfully, whatever your cloud woes may be, Computer Solutions Group can find the solution. We can help train your current staff members on how to properly use the cloud, and we can troubleshoot issues with ease. Just give us a call at 310.641.3274 to learn more.

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