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5 Cheap Ways to Get Reliable, Lighting-Fast Computers in Los Angeles

Posted by Scott Spiro on Friday, 21 October 2016

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Nothing interferes with productivity more than slow or unreliable computers. Think about it: How many times have you or your team members had to reboot your computer or attempt to troubleshoot an issue?

While 10 minutes here and there might not seem like a huge time suck, when you multiply that across your organization, these small lapses in productivity can take a major toll on output. Over the long run, it quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in lost productivity and revenue for your business.

As a small business owner, replacing computers for every employee is a major investment that you might not be able to afford right now. Here are some ways to get employees back to productivity faster without spending tens of thousands on new hardware:

  1. Add Memory. One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to improve a computer’s performance is to install more RAM (random access memory). This will speed up the applications installed on your team’s computer and allow you to open and run more programs simultaneously.
  2. Upgrade The Processor Or Add A Graphics Accelerator. If you are just looking for a little more “zoom,” upgrading the processor or installing a graphics accelerator will give your company computer the ability to process information faster and improve their overall speed.
  3. Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Servers and Desktops. Computers, like cars, need regular maintenance to perform at top speed and reliability. At a minimum, you should run ScanDisk and the Disk Defrag Utility on your machines once a month. This will make your applications and files load and run faster.
  4. Run A Spyware Scan Once A Week. One telltale sign that your computer is infected with spyware is slow, unstable performance. Spyware sucks up your system’s resources to carry out its evil intent, slowing down your computer and even causing it to freeze and crash.
  5. Disable Or Remove Unnecessary Programs Running In The Background. Many computers have pre-installed software programs that use up system resources and slow down your computer. Conduct an audit for your company computers to remove any unnecessary software programs that could be slowing down your employees’ computers.
  6. Invest in Managed IT Services: The time and stress involved in troubleshooting IT issues (especially for non-technical employees) can easily be alleviated with managed IT services. For a small monthly fee, professional IT experts can monitor your network and resolve IT issues faster. Reclaiming just a few hours of your employees’ time each month will make managed IT services well worth the investment.

While the tips mentioned above will certainly speed up your system, they aren’t a miracle cure for a seriously out-of-date computer network. If your computer or network constantly crashes, freezes up or runs painfully slow, then it’s time to give Computer Solutions Group a call for an upgrade today.

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